Monday, May 21, 2012


One thing you can count on around here is rain.

After some very nice, and very warm for us, weather last week, it got cold and wet.

Sudden change to wet and cold + my hands = no knitting or crochet. Nor painting, drawing or sewing. Typing is difficult.

My hands are swollen, weak and not very agile.

Which just sucks.

Especially so, as I was inspired yesterday and started on a new illusion. I also found a minor flaw in how I was writing my illusion patterns, and fixed it, so this one should be my best yet. I designed the illusion without determining what it would be used for - tote, pillow, something else - so I won't know until it is finished. It's bigger than my others, though not big enough for an afghan.

When my hands get working again, I'll get back to work.

Leaving you with a picture of Priscilla bathing Gypsy. Just because.

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