Friday, August 31, 2012

Almost there

The move is complete. Most of the new place is put together and organized.

Yesterday I got all the material that I have here sorted and the sewing area mostly set up. My yarn is organized and ready to go.

Only area left is the shelving unit holding the misc. supplies and paperwork. That will be done today, and that will allow me to clear of the craft table.

Meaning, by tomorrow, I can be back to work making new items for the store!

But that does not mean I have been doing no crafting.

Last night I had some down time, but close to bedtime, so I needed something relaxing. I had been thinking about some things that the bathroom could use to pretty it up a bit and watching Torchwood.

And this is what I accomplished before I went to bed:
Yes, it is a Dalek toilet paper cozy.

It's free-form, using no pattern, done in black and silver. If I make another one, I will make a few changes - for one, the eye-stalk looks too much like a beak to me, and the dome needs to be a bit bigger and stuffed so it does not cave in.

But I am happy with it, for a three hour, off-the-cuff project.

I should have new items in the store come Tuesday. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm Back!

I know that it's been a while since my last post. But it couldn't be helped.

On the 3rd of July, I started to have some breathing issues after being exposed to a lot of dirt, dust, dead bugs, etc. while cleaning out a garage. It got better, but then was exposed to more bad particles on July 7th. I did not get better, and ended up in the emergency room on July 9th.

I was kept in the Pulmonary Care Unit for 5 days. It took several hours in the ER for my oxygen stats to rise to non-life threatening levels. It was a very scary time.

When I got out, the medications that I needed to finish my treatments came to over $750.00. I had $150.00. A group of wonderful people, most of whom had never met me in person, convinced me to set up a donation page through WePay. In less than a week they donated the needed funds. I honestly do not know what I would have done without their generosity, support and encouragement. Heck, they were my main source of company and entertainment while in the hospital! I cannot thank them enough. To each and every one of them, I owe you so much! I will continue to pay to forward to the best of my ability!

I have been recovering nicely since then. In some ways, faster than expected. But other matters of large importance have also occurred.

What happened and who was involved is not important. The result is that I am moving from just West of Portland, Oregon, an hour south to West Salem, Oregon. I sign my new lease there on the 14th.

It's a cute little apartment, about a block from the Willamette River, near bike paths and lots of outside recreational activities. It's a very calm place, and already feels like home. The manager there is a wonderful lady, and I am so looking forward to a fresh start.

Until the end of the month, it may take me a couple of days extra to ship any purchases from my store. I am leaving these items unpacked until the very last minute. But I will be going back and forth for about a week after that, so they may not be accessible that day.

If there will be a delay in shipping, I will be sure to let the Buyer know right away.

Everything should be back on schedule by September 1st. I have a lot of new items planned. I will first be restocking my pocket scarves so they will be ready before the cold weather hits. I am planning on adding a bunch of hats at that time, too.

Bright Blessings to all!