Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Items

If you look to the right side of the screen, there is now a "page 2" button for my WePay store. That's because I added a few new items today.

First is a fashion scarf. It was hand knit with a white acrylic yarn that has a thread of metallic running through it. It sparkles under the lights. It's over 6' long, so you can wear it a great many ways.

It was done in a lace pattern, and is very light.

My teddy bear Fred is the model for this scarf. Fred's a good sport about such things.

In this image, Fred is modeling the scarf along with another new item today - scarf pins.

Winter scarves are meant to keep you warm. Fashion scarves, on the other hand, are an accessory. I like to play with wearing them in different ways. Scarf pins are designed to hold the scarf in place.

I currently have 2 pins ready to go - a medium sized white rose and a large sized white rose. These were done in the same yarn as the fashion scarf.

The medium are roughly 3" across, and the large are roughly 4" across.

 I will soon have more done in a red yarn with a red metallic thread running through. Stay tuned for those!

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