Monday, May 14, 2012

New Kitchen Item

Today is a very busy day for me - more so than normal. I recently changed my internet provider. During the change-over, I used my "smart phone" to do a bunch of internet postings. I have discovered that much of what I sent from my phone did not arrive where it was supposed to. From emails to Facebook, my phone says it was sent, but it just ain't there. So going into meetings today, I do not know what information people received, and what they have not.

It's Monday. lol

I did manage to finish up a very pretty kitchen set over the weekend. I'm glad the colors do not match my kitchen, or I think I'd be keeping this set for myself!

It's a simple kitchen towel and matching wash cloth. What I love is how the yarn looks like a watercolor wash in blues.

With the basket-weave border, the towel lays flat. Both are completely reversible.

I also created a few more flower pins. I still need to update the photos, but the drop down menu now includes a metallic red, and yellow and orange blend, and a royal purple rose. The updated photos will hopefully be completed today.

Another set of pot holders is in the works. This time, a pale green and white variegated.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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