Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Illusion Tote

So I finally completed the Valknut Tote. I am happy with the tote, though I'm just not a good enough photographer to take images where you can really see the details. In the photographs, the color changes is all the eye can see, making the plaiting on the sides all but disappear.

A Valknut is an Old Germanic symbol, consisting of 3 interlocking triangles. Here is one example:

And here it is as an illusion knit:

In this picture, it looks like a color-based lattice pattern to the right and left of the Valknut. It's actually the plaiting. The colors deceive the eye in photographs. (or at least in MY photographs!)

For more details, just click on it at my store above-right.

I have more illusion tote in the design phase. Look for them soon!

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