Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some Changes

I'm in-process of making a few changes.

For one, I am leaving Etsy. If you shop on Etsy, you already know why. If you don't, then it's not relevant anyways. lol

Second, on the right is a new little widget - it's my store on WePay. You can click the image and details will pop-up in a smaller window. You can shop right from here! Please note that all shipping and handling is included in the price that you see for all US orders.If you are interested in custom work, please let me know.

Third, if you use Facebook, please "Like" my Store Page. New items, future items, sales and craft fair info is posted there.

And finally, I started using Twitter again. Some personal stuff, some political stuff, and some stuff that is shortened versions of what I put on Facebook. If you are that bored, or that curious, it's OriginalsbyJ.

I have three new items coming, in different states of completeness. One is about 25% done, one is about 50% done, and one is about 70% done. I am hoping that all three will be done by the end of the month.

An aside to all the FJL's reading this: without saying too much, I got the thrill of my life today. Someone we all think very highly of emailed me in response to an idea I had. The first words were, "This is fantastic!" I swear I have never received higher praise, or more meaningful, than that.

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