Monday, April 2, 2012

Kitchen stuff

I make a lot of crochet and knitted items for my kitchen. Some of them I sell, as anyone can use them.

My potholders, for example, were designed after years and years of cooking for my family. I crochet a loop instead of using a plastic circle, as the plastic can get hot. I personally hang mine on a small hook near the stove so they are always right at hand.

My cup and spoon sets are another like that. I hate the little half-moon dried coffee that happens when you set a coffee (or tea) spoon on the counter. I really hate it when people put the spoon on top of the coffee pot! And thus the set was born.

But beyond those things, (and towels and wash clothes) I make things that are just needed. For example, in my kitchen, the stove is set close to the wall, with about 2" of counter between them. Of course, this is the spot you are going to set down your utensils, and is also very difficult to clean. So I got out my yarn and made two strips to fit exactly that area. When they get dirty, I pop them in the dishwasher. Problem solved!

More kitchen items will be added as I get them finished.

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