Friday, April 27, 2012

Scrap Afghans

I was cleaning my craft area one day (what normal people would call the dining room) and realized that I had 4 1-gallon Ziploc bags full of small to medium balls of yarn, in all sorts of colors, materials and designs.

I wanted to start using this, and I had been looking at different afghan patterns that were made differently than the standard back-and-forth knitting. So I combined a few different methods, and created a corner-to-corner design.

This enabled me to start knitting without having to calculate how much yarn of which color I would need. With all the colors I had, I figured a rainbow would be pretty, colorful and use up a lot of the smaller balls of yarn.

I like this type of afghan work - I can change colors whenever I am bored with the color I am using.

Here's the result of that fun:
 After I worked it up, I went around with single crochet with black of a simple, yet effective border.
 Here's a detail shot of the basketweave stitching:
 This Rainbow Afghan is for sale through my WePay store. Just look to the top right of the screen.

Next up - Blues Scrap Afghan

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