Monday, April 2, 2012

Back again!

Time to get serious again.

Well, as serious as I ever am. Considering my current read is Tough Sh*t by Kevin Smith (Silent Bob, for those that do not know), joking on the square is my norm these days.

The best place to start is with my new store on Etsy - Originals by Jeanene. Right now I am focusing on my knitting. There are over a dozen items ready for shipping right now, with more in process. While there are some things that those that know my knitting will recognize, I am doing new things as well.

On Etsy, if you search shops for "knit", 4,263 shops come up. How does 1 person stand out???

My best sellers have always been my complicated, self-designed knotwork cabled items. My second best seller has been my items made from recycled materials, especially my plarn items.

But that wasn't quite enough, now that there are others doing similar knitting. So I learned Illusion Knitting.

In Illusion Knitting, the knitting part is easy - you knit the right side rows, and knit/purl the wrong side rows, changing color every other row, creating ridges. That's a heck of a lot easier than many of my knotwork patterns!

It's creating the patterns that is difficult and time consuming. So I started with something easy - a heart shape. I liked it, so I duplicated it, but reversed the colors, and made this:

Now was time for something a little bit harder. I also wanted something that had more use than sitting on a couch. A tote bag was the answer, and here's the end result.

My next design combines two of my favorites - illusion knitting and knotwork cables. Stay tuned here, and in both my Etsy and WePay stores, to see it when it's done.

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