Thursday, April 19, 2012

I like socks

I have fun making socks. Especially for my dad, as he wears socks with sandals, and likes them as wild as I can make them. The pic below is an example of a pair I made for him. And yes, I made him model them for me.

So when my dad asked me to make a sock for a friend of his, I knew it would be fun.

You read that right - a sock. His friend lost one of his legs a few years ago.

Dad told me to make it as wild as possible, and that is what I am doing.

Now wild does not have to mean uncomfortable. I went out of my way to design this sock with comfort in mind. The center of the foot is done with a very slightly thinner yarn with a lot of stretch, so it hugs the foot nicely. Then I'm using a slightly thicker yarn at the heel for a tad more cushion. here's the sock so far:

I used a toe-up pattern so I could easily estimate how much of each yarn to use. I'm using all left-over yarns from previous socks for this, trying to make the colors clash as much as I possibly can.

Just because you knit (or crochet) something doesn't mean it has to be boring or old fashioned!

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