Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The making of a quilt - picking colors

I wrote before about how to pick colors for a quilt. I just did a new one yesterday, and I wanted to show you a bit better what I was trying to explain previously.

So, several years ago, I found this material. It was designed as a pillow, with one image on the front, and a different image on the back. The store had three different ones - a wold, an eagle and a tiger. You've seen the wolf - the Wolf in Grey quilt features one of those panels. I'll show you the tiger today.

This is a close up of the center of the panel.

I pulled material that I had, which incorporated the white, orange, brown and greens.

I laid the materials on the floor in several different ways, until I found the best layout - in this case, a simplified version of the log cabin.

Once I found the best way, I sewed them together. This was the result.

Now he needed sashing. I went through several different materials before I decided on these. To get a good look, I just folded the materals and layered them to see how they would work together.
The brown strip at the bottom was a piece of the bias tape that I was considering.

Once decided, I cut, sewed and such, until the quilt was complete.
Here's the final result!
More pictures of the final product available at our Etsy store.

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Sara said...

Oh, very cool. Great work.