Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Etsy Treasury

Etsy has a unique and fun promotional area called Treasury. Basically, it's a place where individuals can share their favorite items, generally with some sort of theme.

For those on Etsy, when the Treasury opens (meaning people can make new ones), it's a race to see who can get one before they are all taken. There is a maximum number of Treasuries at any point in time.

So today I tried, and I got my first one.


I am a member of the Interior Design Team. I went through and looked at hundred of different items in that team, and found the ones that I felt had the most intricate details.

Take a look at my Treasury, and leave a comment.


brightonEarly said...

I had no idea there even WAS an interior design team! Thanks for the heads up!

Beautiful treasury, btw.

Rev Jeanene said...

Oh yes. There is a lot of us.