Thursday, June 12, 2008

What boredom can do for you

Many years ago, I was living in Arlington TX. It was summer time. I did not live close to anything, did not have a car, and there was not a bus system in place. Between the oppressive humidity and the lightening storms, leaving the apartment was not a pleasant thought.

In the apartment, we did not have cable. I was not a big fan of soaps, so I had PBS on - jsut something to do in desperate boredom.

Bob Ross was on. His soothing voice was hypnotic. The way he talked about the clouds, the trees...everything, just kinda caught my attention. I remember that first episode where he said something along the lines of the momma mountain, and a baby mountain - just far enough away where the baby mountain could play, but momma could still watch over him.

My roommate had a bunch of acrylic paints. I took an old white t-shirt of mine, stretched it over a puzzle board, and started putting painting. The acrylics had a plastic look, and wanted to sit on the fabric intead of going into the fabric, so I soaked the shirt with water. This created an almost watercolor wash look to it. And away I went.

I no longer have any of those paintings. But I will share a few what I do have.

Dark Landscape

I painted this while in KY. I created it for my Grandmother. It was a rather depressing period of my life, as seen in the grey, stormy landscape. This is the oldest painting of mine that I have pictures of.


After KY, I continued to paint for several years. I even did a huge mural on the bathroom walls of one places we lived.

This one is a representation of a place that I "go to" during meditation.


From oldest to newest, this is my latest painting. I have done exactly two seascapes, this being the second. The full moon rising over the ocean, giving the appearanc eof coming out of the water.

Tomorrow I will share a couple of abstract pieces that I have done, and information on how they were created.

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