Monday, June 23, 2008

Sweet people on Etsy

I have met some very wonderful people on Etsy.

First up are the numerous sellers that have offered advice, critiques and answered my questions. They have been incredibly helpful, and I cannot even remember who they are. and both have been wonderfully supportive in helping me create the perfect birthday gifts for my mother.

Another seller who has gone out of their way to assist me is She is helping me design personal sypathy cards that I use in my role as an American Legion Chaplain. She also is part of the Mission: Soldier Support program!

Then there is Teaman also has gone out of his way to help me, and I cannot watch to get my order of Peppermint Tea! and have all been so nice, pulling threads off-topic with me many times. Helpful, fun and supportive. is super nice. She appreciated something I do so much, she wrote about it on her blog today (blog link is in the blog roll to the right - Drawing by Renee). She really is as warm as Sunshine!

Finally, but by no means least, is I absolutely fell in love with one of her items. It was so unique, I could not find the words to describe it to my hubby. We chatted back and forth about it, and I explained that money is tight, and I just cannot spend it on something for me that was not a *need* item. She would not stand for it, and made me an offer I could not refuse, because she wanted to make someone else smile.

For everyone I missed, I'm sorry! There have just been so many helpful people that I cannot remember them all!

Please check out these stores, shop from them if you can, and let them know that being nice pays off!


Anonymous said...

Popping in to take a peek!
Just a quick peek, mind you, but I like what I see. You seem like a very dear person.

CelticKnot said...

You are such a sweetheart! You have helped me so much in the past few days by chatting with me in my threads, promoting me on your blog, and your custom earring order. You're a great friend and you have a beautiful shop. I wish you the best of luck in all that you do. :-)