Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Twist on an old theme

I like to try new things, especially twists on an old theme. I also love to quilt, but a person can have too many quilts - and people who are tired of getting them as gifts! So when I recently found a new type of thing that involves quilting, I jumped on it.

Basically, it's making reusable book covers, using interfacing to give extra stiffness. Going straight by the book, I made one for a small planner. Using purples, blacks and greys for the quilted outside, and purple and black on the inside.

It turned out OK. I understimated the amount of ease needed for the spine, so the design is not quite what I had planned. I also encountered problems with the layers sliding, so it is not perfectly straight - not a huge issue, but again, just not what I had planned. The biggest discrepancy between the "plan" and the "result" is that none of my machines have a true satin stitch for the side edges, so the sides are not as smooth as I would have preferred. It looks cool, just different from the original design.

As I was showing this to my mother, I noticed her plastic checkbook holder was ripped up pretty bad. Now the book's examples for checkbook covers all had closures on them - something my mother did not want.

So, again following the book instructions, I made a checkbook cover in blue - Mom's favorite color.

We discovered why all the examples had closures - when you put the pen holder in the center, it keeps it from closing completely. No big deal, but something to remember for next time - either add a closure, or move the pen holder! Played around using different stitches for the edges - got it closer to what I was invisioning, but not exact yet.

Still experimenting, I deviated from the book. This time it opened from the bottom instead of the sides, and included several pen holders and a place to slide in a small legal pad.

The bottom would have the needed stiffness from the addition of the legal pad, but I was concerned about the top. Solution - adding a piece of cardboard, in addition to the interfacing.

By using the design of diagonal strips of the quilted cover, it alleviated any concerns about extra ease or slipping, and there is no exact placement needed.

But still the issue of the edge. I ran in through my serger twice, the second time using the tightest setting possible, then again on my regular machine, with an overlock stitch. Better, but I was still not happy. It's a personal thing - I just am not a fan of the look that method gives. Some people love it - it's just not "me."

But I found something I like better, which will be in tomorrow's post...

(Both the purple and black planner holder, and the red and black notepad holder, are currently available for purchase at )

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