Friday, June 13, 2008

From boredom to...

So, abstract paintings.

I find them difficult. Landscapes are easier to me, because I see the landscape, and try to paint a picture of it. Very linear.

But abstract art is trying to convey something -- a physical item, a thought, an emotion - without it actually looking like the item you are trying to represent. Not as easy for me.

I have done two abstract paintings, each for a different reason.


I had purchased a new bedroom set. The headboard, as you can see from the image on the left, has 3 sections. The walls were painted a soft seafoam green, and the background color of the bedspread was a similar color. Looking at the room, it needed a 3 panel painting above the bed. I don't really like landscapes in panels, so I had to do something else.

I took 3 canvasses, placed them next to each other, and started in the very center making circular shapes. I used colors that were in the bedspread, and just changed colors whenever. The intent was to make "designer art", not really a representation of anything.

Teen Emotions
I wanted to give me kids a special gift for their 13th birthday. Something that would last. So I did a painting for each of them. For my daughter, I did a seascape - the Oregon Coast at sunset. But I wanted something different for my son.
I was trying to capture the emotional craziness of the teen years. I started with a dark background, as teen boys generally are in a dark emotional state so much of the time. Then I added different bright colors in different spots, to show the sudden and extreme highs of emotion. I think I succeeded. At least my son approves, which is all that really matters.
All of this came from being stuck at home, with no cable, and nothing to do. Boredom can have it's rewards.

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