Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm strange

I generally like "normal" home decor. Simple, clean lines, no clutter, and artwork on the walls as a focal point. I like color - white walls drive me nuts. It does not have to be bold colors, just anything but white.

In the past, I have done things like paint ivy leaves around my kitchen, and a tropical forest on my bathroom walls. Extreme, yes, but still in the realm of "normal."

But then there is that side of me that likes to have something else in the mix. Something different, strange, shocking....just different from the rest.

And I have discovered that I am not the only one!

So, I have started creating a line of small items that are different from the norm. Small enough that if other people came over, they could be easily overlooked or removed. I'm starting with small towels that can be used as kitchen towels, or hand towels in the bathroom. They can be foled over a towel bar, or attached to a handle via a loop and button on the top back. They have a knit body, with crochet edging.

Here's the description of this line: Tired of boring, cutesy towels for your kitchen and bath? Want decor that is darker, edgier or just a little twisted? Look no farther.

The first item up is the Skull Towel.

White skulls & crossbones on a black background edge the bottom of this towel. Perfect for the pirate in your home.

Next up is the Blood Drop:

A bright red blood drop, falling into a pool of drying blood. As creepy as this may be to have in your kitchen, just think -- if you cut yourself with a knife, the blood stains will only add to this design, not ruin it!

Please note that this line of towels is made from 100% acrylic yarn. The bottom section of these towels are knitted looser that the top to asormb more water. While they will pull in water like a sponge, they are not the best for drying things off by wiping them down. They are best used for decoration and quick hand drying.

More designs are in the works, so keep checking back.

(This line of towels are currently available at our store at http://www.fullhousecrafts.etsy.com/. If the design you want has been sold, please contact me, and I'll make another!)


SpinachNPeace said...

love the skull towels!

Rev Jeanene said...

Thank you. I am currently working on a black widow design.