Thursday, June 5, 2008

Twist - the solution?

So yesterday, I was discussing book covers, and how I just did not like the look of the overedge sewing. Some people like it, but I didn't, so I needed to try a different tactic.

Meanwhile, I had offered to make my mother her own small dayplanner type item. She had told me she did not need one, but two days later, she was in a situation where she did. What she needed was a small pad of paper for notes, a small calendar to write events down, a place for a pen, and a small, hidden pocket for a little cash/creditcard/ID.

I stuck with her favorite color of blue, but added some kittens. She had seen my material with kittens on it, and liked ONLY the sleeping kittens, so I went with applique.

The inside left holds her calendar, and two pens. The right has the note pad, with a small pocket underneath.

This time, instead of an overlock or serger stitch, I sewed all the layers together with a straight stitch, then added bias tape. I happened to have some brown of the same color in the kittens.

She loved it, and I was much happier with the look.

Soon after, I wanted to say thank you to someone who loaned me a book. The book for about The American Legion Auxiliary. I had scraps left from the Patriotic Stars quilt, and used them to make a book cover - large enough to cover the book, but also large enough for most notepads and calendars, in case she wanted to use it as a small planner instead.

Again, I used bias tape, in navy blue this time, for a finished edge.

I did discover, however, that the bias tape does not always look right. Sometimes, the overlock stitch just matches better. Such as for my Flaming Skulls 3-Ring Binder Cover...

In this case, I used blood red thread in the serger, then black thread on the overlock stitch. The red thread shows through just enough that it gives an interesting effect that matches perfectly.
The lesson learned here was that nothing works for all things. While I had originally hated the look of the overlock stitching, in some styles it looked great. On the other hand, while I generally prefer the bias tape, it only fits certain types of things also. Now I am experimenting with things like fringe.
Always keep an open mind. Remember that arts and crafts means creativity - not locking yourself into just one mode and expecting it to always work.
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