Friday, June 22, 2012

Be Kind; Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle* Part 2

*Quote source - could be Plato; could be Ian MacLaren.

Earlier this week I posted a bunch of small businesses whose hard working owners are using their skills to improve their financial situations. Medical bills, job loss, and other economic reasons.

Here are a few more.

I'm not telling their stories, as I do not feel it is my place to talk about their private lives. Some of them have their story posted on their web page.

However, for this first store, I can tell her story.

Rena is an absolutely fantastic artist. I am jealous of her skills, to be honest. Here's her story in her own words:

Loads of people, friends & family have told me that I should tattoo... How? There's no real schools around here, only lengthy & very expensive internships ($15,000+)... Being a mother of three, I can't do that... But I can be gone for only two weeks!

The course I'm aiming for is this September 2012, very close to my birthday...

What's stopping me?

I need to pay over $6000 for tuition, travel (from Oregon to Luisiana)... I may have to put it on my credit card but that still needs to be paid...

Help me follow my dream & I'll pay-it-forward somehow, it's only right, Thank you!
Here's Rena's store: Purple Daizie Fine Art

Next is a UK group with fantastic items that could use some love and assistance. Their story can be found HERE.  Their store:  ReCreations Project

Lots of jewelry sellers on Etsy, but few as spectacular as Phoenix Fire Designs. If you like or buy jewelry, you must check out this woman's store! Phoenix Fire Designs

For beautiful and unique art and jewelry, you have to see this lady's shop, too! Be sure to ask her about custom work. Aphotica 

Some very unique knit items in this store: Dress Me Up In Stitches

That's all I have for today. If you want to shop, shop these (and Part 1's) store first!

Got a busy weekend, so look for a new post early next week. I have some fundraisers I want to share.

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PurpleDaizie said...

You are so awesome, thank you so much for showing your support! XOXOX ~Rena aka PurpleDaizie ;)