Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank You!

For everyone who has left comments, thank you.

Looking back over them, I wanted to take a moment to respond to a few.

I love making things for family, friends and charity. That is why we opened the Etsy store - we use the proceeds from the sales to purchase more supplies to make more items. Since we opened the store last May, we have worked through over half of my yarn stash, and now we must start replacing what was used.

We make a lot of specialty items because, well, they are difficult to find. Take the wheelchair blankets, for example. They are made to work perfectly for those in wheelchairs. We price them as low as we possibly can - just a buck or two over the cost of the yarn - so that they are affordable to anyone who needs them.

Things like my Dad's socks...you've heard the story. He would not have thought to ask someone to make them to fit his ankles; nor would he have thought to look at an on-line store to purchase them. He would have just dealt with what he could get in a package at the local store.

My kids love items that I make. They constantly have a "wish list". Which, of course, makes me feel good. Not to mention that when a teenage girl wants what you make, it means that you still know something about style. :)

A recent comment stated that they like how I show works in progress. That made me smile. I often gets calls, texts, emails, IM, etc which start with "Whatcha working on?" I started taking pictures in process to answer those questions. Those people now check this blog to answer that question.

It's also instructional - both for other crafters and those that have never crafted in their lives. Such as last week. I had just started a sock, and had it with me when I had to sit some place for 3 hours. My Dad watched me knit for that time, and actually saw the tiny size of the needles, how many stitches it took to make a noticable difference in size, and so on. He has a better appreciation of how much work goes into a pair of those silly socks.

So, thank you again for the comments. Please feel free to leave questions, and I would be happy to answer them.

Off to my knitting!

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