Monday, September 15, 2008

Dad's favorite socks

So, I shared a few pairs of socks I made for my father the other day. He wanted wild socks to wear with his sandels. Not only wild, the had to be soft with a looser ribbing than the standard store-bought sock. Neither of the two previous pairs were wild enough.

I also made him orange and white striped - like the Cat in the Hat, with off-setting stripes, where the heel and toes of one were orange, and the other sock white.

Still not wild enough.

So, I brought out my bag of soft yarns in sock weight, randomly grabbed a ball, knit a few rows, the blindly picked another. I did this a total of 13 times. These socks were the result.

They are his favorite pair. And he wants more. Well the winter holidays ARE coming....

1 comment:

mattscraftywife said...

Now, THOSE are wild! LOL I love them. :)