Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Items

I added a couple of new items to the store today.

First up are some hair scrunchies;
Besides just being prettier than a plain hair band, these are easier on the hair. The yarn clings to the hair, meaning that you do not have to wrap the band nearly as tightly, reducing both damage to the hair, and less pressure on the scalp.

Currently, I am selling a set of 3 - one each in black, white and red. Of course, other colors are available upon request.

Also listed today are sets of three kitchen scrubbers;
These scrubbers are roughly the same size as SOS pads. They work well on most kitchen pots and pans, from Teflon coated items to cast iron.

I have 7 different colors listed. Of course, different color combos can easily be made upon request, in line with the black & white striped ones as seen in the picture.

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