Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Custom Items

I always tell people, if they want something that is knit, crochet, sewn or quilted, just let me know.

Here's a bit more of what I mean by that.

Most of the time, the items listed in my store are completely finished and ready to be shipped. Since my home is very small, and many things take a lot of time, it means that I have certain limits to what I can make ahead of time.

Anything I sell on my site, I can make in different colors or materials just by asking.  When you inquire about it, I will give an estimate on how long it will take. That time frame includes not just the time to craft the item, but also the time it will take for the supplies to be delivered, if I have to order them.

I love to make clothing items. I seldom have them listed for a simple reason - too many sizes! If I make a sweater to be sold, I have to pick a size, color and material, and there are many sizes, colors and materials to choose from. Unless I want to spend hundreds of hours making and storing all the possible combinations, I cannot make things like sweaters in advance.

That being said, I may, in the near future, craft a few items, use drop down menus for size, etc, and make them only when they are ordered.  If I do so, it would mean that there would be at least a 2-week wait before it could be shipped.

The point of all this is, never be afraid to email me asking for something different.

For example, if you read this blog regularly, you know that I recently made several sets of stitch markers. Someone made a comment about one set that they would make pretty earrings. The result - I made her some earrings.

It can be just that simple.

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