Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday projects

I have been busy making gifts for different people. The problem is, I have forgotton to take pictures of everything! So, here's a few that I did remember to take pics of.

This is a (lousy) picture of a quilt I made for my son, James. It is 4' x 6'. (He's rather tall. )

His favorite colors are purple and green, so I did the center of the quilt in 9 patches of greeen, and of purple, sashed with black. The side sashing is purple on black, then green with purple, with purple edging.

The top is made from quilter's cotton fabric. The batting is heavy wool felt, and the backing material is a soft wool.
He also received a pair of hand dyed purple fingerless gloves, and a purple knit hat with Gir on the center.

Speaking of Gir, I made serveral small stuffed items for my younger son. Besides the Gir pictured, I also made him a small little alien dude.
This Gir was a challenge to make. All I had was a 2-dimentional picture from the DVD case. So, he was done via free-form crochet.
I was also out of stuffing, and snowed in. So he is currently stuffed with toilet paper! Once I can actually leave the house and get to the store, I will open him up and restuff him.
I made a pair of slippers/slipper socks for my youngest son, my youngest daughter, and my husband. I'll add pics of those when I can. Each pair was made in a different style, in different colors. They are very warm and thick, as I twisted together 2 strands of worsted weight yarn.

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