Friday, December 12, 2008

A good idea instituted badly

Well, while that statement may some up most of our government's actions, this one is really bad.

Last summer, when all the problems with items made in China were in the news, the US Government passed a law increasing safety standards for items designed for children under 12.

That is the good idea part.

The bad part is how they decided to do it. Short version - everything must be tested and certified.

In practicle terms, that means people who make these items (food, clothing, toys, accessories, bedding and so on) by hand ALSO have to pay to have the items tested, even if the materials were purchased through a reputable seller. Since few crafters on sites such as Etsy can afford to pay the $500 testing and certification fees, they will be put out of business.

Here's links to the official info:


Official Summery (part II)
The new legislation imposes an additional third-party testing requirement for all consumer products primarily intended for children twelve years of age or younger. Every manufacturer (including an importer) or private labeler of a children’s product must have its product tested by an accredited independent testing lab and, based on the testing, must issue a certificate that the product meets all applicable CPSC requirements.

If you want to have the option of purchasing hand made items for children, instead of mass produced junk, write your elected officials and spread the word!!!

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