Saturday, October 4, 2008

A story of silliness

I was chatting on Etsy yesterday, like I often do. I needed a break from time consuming projects, and wanted to do something relatively quick, but still different and fun. Enya ( showed me some lovely hanging TP holders, and suggested I do something like that, but with yarn instead of sewn.

So, I set out to make a crochet toilet paper roll cover. Kinda like the type grandma used to make - the ones that sit on the toilet tank or counter, but nothing that old fasioned. Knowing that Halloween is approaching, I decided to do a witch's hat.

So I made it up and took pics - as shown here hiding a double roll, but also with a single roll.

Then I sat it down, and saw that it stood up just fine with nothing under it - making it also a good holiday decoration.

And I listed it. Enya and a few others were all chatting, and noticed that because of the size, it would also work as a toddler costume hat. Heck, you could dress up your dog in it, too.

Soon after, my teen daughter came home from school. I showed her what I had made, and before I could tell her what it's purpose was, she put it on her head! It stretched enought to fit her, so we added THAT to the listing.

Just goes to show what a little creativity, combined with boredom and a dash of silliness, can create!

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mrsb said...

Very cute! I bet it would make an awesome witch hat for an American Girl doll :O)

wrappedNwarmth said...

I tried to crochet my first hat a couple months ago and it turned out to be a baby's hat. So I made a baby scarf to match and sold them both last night for a christmas gift. I was shocked that it sold. :)