Thursday, March 5, 2009


People that know me well know that I tend to have several things going at once, and often at the same time. So when the concept of a photoshoot involving me doing a painting came up, I jumped on it.

It started normally. I was standing in front of the canvas, laying down the base colors, using a normal brush. We put a large drop cloth on the floor for reasons soon to be known.

Two photographers were moving around, capturing images as I worked. Since I generally paint when I am alone, it was a bit distracting.

We continued along like this for a while as all the base colors were laid down.

Then we took a break to allow it to dry.

That's when the real fun began!

Part of the design of the shoot was for me to really let loose and have FUN painting. So at this point I ditched the brushes, and started to finger-paint a wash over the top of the base colors - the opposite of what I normally do.

Additionally, I stopped trying to be neat.

During this, I gave up on my mixing tray, and just started mixing the colors in my hands, using a lot of water to thin them into a wash.

As you can see by the shirt, paint was getting everywhere. and thus why we used a drop cloth!

Of course, when hair got in my face, I had to use my paint covered hands to move it. lol

And here's the final result. Eye of the Storm, one of my rare abstracts. It's so named because to me, it's what a landscape would look like if you were looking out from the eye of a tornado. But it also looks like a critter trying to swim upstream, or a 'gator going down a waterfall. But that is the fun of abstract art.

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All images used here with permission. Copyright 2009 Eric Hammers.

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